So you're saying I can get paid to talk?

Yes we are!

And yes - you really can chat about anything!

become a chat partner in 3 simple steps!

It’s super simple to get started with Chat About Anything.

submit your application
create your
take calls &
make money

the sign up details

Send us your best

Upload your best (short) application video and let us see your personality shine!

Complete this simple form and upload a short and FUN – no more than 2 minutes – video telling us about yourself, your interests, and why you think you would make a good listener.

Tell us everything

Complete our detailed profile builder questionnaire.

Once your application has been approved, we’ll email you a link to register as a new chat partner and complete your profile questionnaire.

Finish up

Create your account in our Team Members dashboard and you’re ready to start taking calls.

Once your profile has been reviewed and approved, we will email you a link to complete your account and add payment info.

what happens next?

callers search our profile to find the perfect chat partner
your profile is live!
Once your profile becomes part of the chat partners listings, callers will have all the details to find you.
callers search our profile to find the perfect chat partner
a caller selects you as a chat partner
you've been chosen!
Callers will visit your profile page and use the schedule tab to schedule a time to chat with you.
a caller selects you as a chat partner
your first chat about anything notification
your first call is scheduled
You will receive a notification that your call is scheduled with information on the time and date for the call, and the caller's information
your first chat about anything notification
never miss a call
call reminder email
Both you and your caller will receive a notification reminder email of your upcoming call.
never miss a call
your first call - the more you chat, the more you earn
now Chat About Anything!
Your call will be connected via the link sent in your reminder email. Both you and your caller simply click to audio call button to connect at your scheduled time
your first call - the more you chat, the more you earn
post call wrap up and review
complete the call details form
After your call is completed, you will follow the link provided in your call scheduling email to the post call completion form. You will provide a quick review of the caller, and the duration of the call.
post call wrap up and review
did we mention that you GET PAID? That's it - once we receive your call completion form, we process the caller payment, and deliver your funds daily!


Can i edit my profile and account information ?

Yes. Simply login to your account anytime to add, update or edit any of your information anytime.

what if I have to cancel a scheduled call ?

We get it – life happens. No worries. Simply cancel the call in your account dashboard and ask the caller to reschedule.

tell me about getting paid ?

Once your call is completed and you have submitted your post call form, we process both the callers payment, and your payout daily. You choose your method of receiving payment from us when you complete your account registration. Payouts are per call, and based on call duration: 

10 mins – $4.00
20 mins – $7.50
30 mins – $10.00
40 mins – $12.50
60 mins – $17.50

what topics will I chat about on my calls ?

You will be chatting about mutual interests, places you have lived or visited, or other things in common on your profile. Other times your caller might simply want to chat about anything at all with a good conversationalist!

what if my caller is rude, nasty or inappropriate ?

We want you to be able to chat about anything – literally! However, you can let your caller know if they are moving the conversation outside your comfort zone anytime.

If that doesn’t work – simply hang up.

Then use the post call form to report the caller – we will resolve the issue internally.

how do I reach the chat about anything team if I need help ?

We currently answer all questions via email, and we respond immediately to any concerns our chat partners have. Simply complete the support form located on your account page, and we will get right back to you!