Chat About Anything.



Ever get the feeling that nobody’s listening? Ever just want to chat with a like-minded person that really hears you?


Ever want somebody to just nod their head and say “oh hell yes!” about the way that guy treated you?


Lockdown got you down? Ever just want to push it all aside and laugh it up with someone fun?


Ever thought about living abroad? Mexico? Spain? France? Wouldn’t it be great to chat with someone who actually did it?

Yes. we mean anything!


just a little curious?

Looking to get away from it all? Thinking about life in a new city? New state? New country? Wouldn’t it be amazing to chat person to person with someone who can tell you all about living abroad in Mexico? All the best surf spots in Bali?


feeling amazing about that new guy/girl?

New love? New flirt? Old flame? Looking for someone to chat with about a new relationship that will just listen and won’t judge? How about a friendly ear that will listen while you gush endlessly about your latest crush or recent breakup?


got a topic you want to learn about?

Ever wanted to know more about what its like to ride a horse? Want to get started playing an instrument? Wondering how to deal with you nosy mother-in-law? Wouldn’t it be great to talk to someone who’s completed an online master’s degree before you commit?

Launching late summer 2021

We’re preparing to launch the most innovative and unique service available. And its pure old school – its just talking on the phone with a caring, trusted, and friendly partner. When we go live, you’ll be able to search for chat partners by location, language, hobbies, sports, music, life roles, interests, tv/movies – anything you can imagine! Then the conversation is up to you: just want to vent – go ahead and vent! Want some motivation to tackle that life event? Need help as a new Mom or new Dad? How about new grandmother or grandfather? We’ve got you covered!

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Become one of our listening partners
Looking for a side gig? Are you a positive, outgoing person?


want to get paid to talk?

Do your friends tell you you talk too much? Awesome! Why not get paid to do what you do well!? We offer a generous split with our listening partners – earn up to $20 USD per hour! Best part? Its just talking.

work from home.

searching for that perfect side gig?

Let’s face it: the last year has been crazy. Have you lost income? Lost your job altogether? Looking to supplement your income? We’re looking for honest, personable, friendly and positive people from all walks of life, from all over the globe. Come join us and get paid to talk!


got some free time in your day?

Already working a gig? Uber or Lyft? Looking to fill those empty time slots? Make your own schedule, talk when your free and make more money! Have free time in your day that you’d like to put to great use? Click below and apply now!

Interviewing new candidates now!

get paid to talk!
We’re preparing to launch the most innovative and unique service available. And its pure old school – its just talking on the phone with a caring, trusted, and friendly partner. Everybody knows a lot about something, and that means you! Ever travelled to an exotic (or even not so exotic) locale? Ever lived abroad? Ever taken an online course? Are you an experienced parent? Do you know the best surf spots on Gran Canaria?

Its a simple as that! its just talking.

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We need you! 

Come join us and put your talents, experiences and knowledge to work and watch your bank account grow!

details ok, so what's it all about?

Chat about anything...really!

Like you, we saw an incredible need for a service where people can connect with people. Its really that simple. The events of the past year has lead to unprecedented levels isolation, loneliness, depression and anxiety across all walks of life the world over. We decided its time for someone to do something, so we have. We are helping to connect people who just want to talk, with people who just want to listen.

Its not rocket science…its time to reconnect with people!

listening partners

We are looking to create the largest database possible to provide the largest universe of topics, subjects and talents for our callers. We provide an awesome payout split – we’re the perfect addition to your current income stream! You can design your own schedule, work from anywhere, and get paid to talk! If you’ve been searching for the perfect gig, you’ve found it!

And we might add that most of our listening partners also call in when they need to bend an ear!



There’s simply no limit to what you can chat about. Simply and easily search our user base to find an ideal listening partner and schedule your call. Our user account sign up process is simple, takes no time at all, and once created, all you have to do is visit your partners page and schedule your next call.

And by the way, many of our callers also become listening partners: everybody loves to talk, and everybody has a special talent, experience or knowledge base!


still have questions? drop us a line